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Welcome to Rising Om Yoga!

We are so grateful you are here! 

At Rising Om Yoga we believe in Rising Above our challenges. 

With the right tools, you have the ability to manage daily stress so that you can begin living with Ease + Joy.

Our classes empower you with these essential physical + mental tools to create the healthy life you deserve.

We are deeply passionate about helping busy, overwhelmed Tallahassee folks increase body strength, reduce anxiety and heal injuries so they have the energy + confidence to juggle kiddos,  family, work and 'me time'!

Community, Health + Healing are our highest purposes at Rising Om Yoga.

When we roll out our mats to take a deep breath and move our bodies, healing energy is created.

Transformation begins here.

This is Rising Om Yoga.


Our Offerings


Would it be too bold of us to say we believe Yoga addresses just about every chronic issue we face in our culture? 

Because we do!

Anxiety. Stiff body. Chronic pain. Sore muscles. Weak spine.

Trauma.  Stress.  Technology addiction.


Overwhelm. Chaos.

Through the practice of yoga you will learn the tools to take better care of your body, to manage daily stress and ultimately create a life of ease + joy.


Yes! We have perfect beginner friendly, safe classes for you. 

Yes! We have classes for those who have been practicing yoga for years.

Visit our schedule now to start learning about our different offerings and please let us know if we can help you find the right class for you!


Craving a fitness focused class? We've got that here!

With our challenging yet accessible and low impact fitness classes you will perfectly compliment your yoga/exercise routine.

Pilates Mat, Hot Pilates, Yoga Sculpt, Core Sculpt + Aerial Pilates are your ticket for that strong core and overall long + lean muscular strength you desire!


New Client Special

Access to both locations + every class on our schedule.  The perfect opportunity to discover your favorite classes! Valid on 1st visit only.

Rising Om Yoga 
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Rising Om Yoga 
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